Recently Indian National politics is seeing the development of numerous young politicians right into the National Scene with Rahul Gandhi the son of Previous Head of state Rajeev Gandhi taking the lead in it. Such a fad is not doubt a welcome growth in Indian politics at the very least currently India could really hope to have some dynamism in its political scene based upon some vision for social as well as financial growth.

Resulting Rahul Gandhi into the facility phase of Indian national politics need to additionally be watched in such a context. Leaving aside the hype developed by the Congress party of making Rahul Gandhi as the projected 2009 Prime Pastoral candidate one can a minimum of hope a far better and bigger vision from the high account technosavy western returned Mr. Gandhi for the Congress party as well as for India

Rahul Gandhi’s estimate by the Congress Event as its 2009 Prime Ministerial Prospect is rather far brought as Mr. Gandhi in relation to Indian Politics is still a toddler he has to discover a whole lot about the intricacies of the Indian political system and this could come just through some difficult made lawn root level experience as well as by a lengthy innings in Indian politics. Nevertheless it is a welcome indicator that Mr. Gandhi has ultimately taken the difficult dive

However then a lot depends on exactly how Mr. Gandhi brings himself in the years to coming in the Indian political scene. Since Mr. Gandhi is progressively taking the spotlight of the Congress celebration’s politics a great deal of duty depends on his shoulder.Whether the Congress party could deliver in the 2009 legislative political election under his leadership is a huge inquiry which just the results of 2009 will inform. Having a look right into the current Uttar Pradesh state setting up election where Mr. Gandhi had taken a lead role such an assumptions appears to be a Huge task for Mr. Gandhi and Mr. Gandhi need to be mindful of it.

The Congress event remains in a very weak wicket in the major states of the Hindi heartland of India. Its setting is pathetic in the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and also Rajasthan which gives more then 150 seats in the Indian parliament. Mr. Gandhi needs to toil a whole lot in all these states if the congress has to obtain a commendable placement in all these states. In the states of Jharkhand, Himchal, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Jammu as well as Kashmir the party encounters a lot of dissidence as well as Mr. Gandhi has to overcome this if the Congress event should do well in all these states. In the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala the party requires to work a great deal to achieve a commendable setting In the state of Maharashtra the party has to end up once for all its troubles with its partnership partner NCP if the party intends to perform well there. Now that Mr. Gandhi has actually come into the center phase of the party he requires to keep the above variables in mind.

In the state of West Bengal the celebration should consolidate the TMC of Mamta Banerjee if it wants to do well.Only after that it can take the Communist directly in that state. In the North East India too the celebration ought to choose its alliance wherever it is weak. Mr. Gandhi likewise ought to keep in mind that India remains in an age of relation politics as such the Congress under his guidance should be broad minded enough to give seats to its alliance companions looking into the ground facts well.

It would be advisable for Mr. Gandhi to be rationalist as well as court the ground facts well as well as not get carried away by the buzz of the celebration members. Mr. Gandhi ought to himself evaluate the ground facts well for which he must take a trip to the space as well as corner of the nation. Mix as well as communicate with the poor and also illiterate masses of the much flung locations and also obtain the pulse of the people. Its time for him to recognize the ground realties well if he needs to develop as a tough baked rough and also tough politician of future India. Its time for him to find from his marble royal residence as well as his A/C vehicle and discard the lap top and also speak the language of the masses.

Rahul Gandhi need to also remember that 2009 is the actual examination for him as well as he needs to supply handsomely for his party if he has to maintain himself in Indian national politics. He should bear in mind that 2009 is the semi final round for him and not the final round He ought to not dream concerning the blog post of Prime Minister Ship in 2009. If he provides in 2009 then there is no stopping of him ending up being the Prime Minster of India in 2014 if the Congress party wins the political election then. It is this reality which Mr. Gandhi should keep in mind.

Dr. Suvrokamal Dutta

The writer is distinguished Foreign Affairs and also Economic Specialist and also a Political Movie Critic, Chairman Global Council for Peace as well as Convenor Questioning India.Contact: Email